Rules of Play

Rules of Play

Please open the document below for the rules for this season. You may print it out or just read it.


No jewelry of any kind is permitted on court during games. This includes earrings. Players will be told to remove any jewelry or not be allowed to play in that game.

Proper Ball

The official Women's or Intermediate ball will be used for all girls' games and 3/4 grade boys. All other age groups use a full men's regulation ball. When inflated properly, it should bounce to a height of not less than 49 inches no more than 54 inches after is has been dropped from a height of 6 feet onto the basketball court where the game is to be played.

Playing Courts

We are limited to using the courts available to us. In Lafayette, we will play at Happy Valley, Lafayette Elementary, Springhill and Stanley.  In Moraga, LMYA games will be played at Joaquin Moraga and Rheem Elementary.

Number of Players

Each team is allowed five players on the court at a time.


Failure to have 4 players present within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time results in a forfeiture. After the referee declares a forfeiture a game should still be played for practice if possible by sharing players.

Game Time & Location

May not be changed under any circumstances except to make up a game which was canceled due to gym time being preempted.

Starting Play & Jump Balls

Games are started with a jump ball in the center of the court. On subsequent jump balls, the teams will alternate taking the ball out-of-bounds for a throw in. The possession arrow (located at the scorer's table) is set toward the opponent's basket. The direction of the possession arrow is reversed immediately after the throw in. To start the second, third and fourth quarters, the ball is in bounded at the division line opposite the table.


A field goal is worth 2 points, a free throw is worth 1 point. Only in the 7/8 grade age group can a player score a 3 point field goal and then only on those courts that have a 3-point line marked on the court.


All personal fouls such as blocking, charging, hacking, holding, pushing or tripping results in one foul being charger to the offender. 

Fast Break Layup Fouls

In order to discourage a potentially dangerous intentional foul situation and to provide a safer playing environment for all age groups, any defensive player who initiates contact (defined as a shove,hold or trip) with an opposing player attempting a fast break lay-up, will be charged with a technical foul.  A defensive player may grab or knock the ball away as long as contact is with the ball and not the opposing player.


The officials have full responsibility for the game. They decide whether the ball is in play or dead. They blow the whistle when any of the following occurs: held ball, violation, foul, time-out or suspension of play for any reason. They have the power to order time-out or time-in and give players permission to leave or enter the court. Officials may also suspend/forfeit a game based on an inappropriate behavior on the part of players, coaches, parents and spectators deemed a possible threat to the safety of all participants.

Safety Issues

No player may participate in any LMYA basketball game while wearing a cast or soft cast.