Codes of Conduct


  • Play the game for the game's sake
  • Be generous when you win
  • Be gracious when you lose
  • Be fair always, no matter what the cost
  • Obey the rules of the game
  • Work for the good of your team
  • Accept the decisions of the officials with grace
  • Believe in the honesty of you opponents
  • Conduct yourself with honor and dignity
  • Honestly and wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of your teammates and opponents.

Parent Responsibilities

The Lafayette Moraga Youth Association (LMYA) is a volunteer-staffed organization that offers recreational sports activities for the children of our community. The primary goal of the LMYA program is to provide a safe, enjoyable environment in which our children can develop sports skills, as well as experience in a positive manner the emotional social benefits of team play.

The role of parents is critical to the success of the LMYA program. It is, therefore, important that you follow the guidelines set forth below.
  • Fulfill your volunteer obligation willingly, knowing that the effort you put forth will directly impact your child's LMYA experience.
  • Always keep in mind that LMYA is a recreational sports program with an emphasis on developing skills and having fun. Although competition is a natural part of sports activities, do not make winning the primary goal for you or your child.
  • Support your child and his/her team in a positive manner. Cheer for your child and his/her team, not against the opposing player or team.
  • Always show respect for all players, coaches, game officials and other fans. Allow for the fact that anyone can make a mistake. Set a positive example for our children with your behavior.
  • Follow the regulations set forth by the school district for use of its facilities. All school property is smoke-alcohol-and drug free.


  • Attend the Coaches Meeting and Draft or send a substitute. Respect and care for the league's equipment and the gyms we are allowed to use. Inform the Equipment Coordinator if equipment is lost or stolen.
  • Contact each child on his/her roster on the dates designated. Hold a team meeting to establish open communications with the parents and to have them sign the Spectator's Code of Conduct. Supply a team roster and request assistance with coaching and recruit a team parent.
  • Have at least one extra parent at practice in case of injury. Have each child's registration form with you at all games and practices. They contain valuable medical information and consent. Remain after practice until all players have been claimed. Advise parents of canceled practices and or games.
  • Learn, teach and abide by both the basic High School Basketball Rules and the LMYA modifications. Play every child at least one half of every game.
  • Enforce the practice of sportsmanship by all team members and their parents. Encourage and support other teams' players as they would want other coaches to encourage their players.