LMYA's Mission

Mission Statement

The Lafayette-Moraga Youth Association is a non-profit organization providing year-round athletic programs for all school age youth in the Lafayette and Moraga communities.

Note from President

We want to thank all the parent volunteers who make these sports programs possible. Your dedicated efforts and valuable time produce terrific sports programs for over 5,000 children in the Lafayette Moraga area.

We want every child to have EQUAL PLAYING TIME, EQUAL POSITION OPPORTUNITY, AND A POSITIVE SPORTS EXPERIENCE. This is our challenge as parents and coaches and it is not easy. It requires the best in us to make this happen for every child on every team.

Paul Sauer
LMYA President

Precepts of the Organization

  1. LMYA is an all volunteer organization.  All management and supervisory positions are staffed by volunteers.
  2. LMYA is a non-profit, non-discriminatory organization supported entirely by parents, residents and local businesses.
  3. All children in the Lafayette-Moraga communities are eligible to play, regardless of athletic ability.
  4. All children participating in LMYA's programs are guaranteed playing time. No participant will play a full game until all other participants have played ¾ of the game.