Fiscal Policy

  1. The greater LMYA board shall maintain all of the financial records of the individual sport teams. Each individual sports team shall have a Treasurer who will work with the greater LMYA board Treasurer to accomplish timely accurate financial reporting.
  2. Each sport shall have a Treasurer among whose duties shall be to determine the coming years budget in order to properly set the upcoming seasons fee structure. This budget must be submitted to and approved by the Vice President Controller before the registration fee schedule is approved for the season.
  3. All expense items shall come through and be approved by the sports Treasurer prior to coming to the greater board Treasurer for reimbursement. Any expense reimbursement request above $200.00 and all items charged to an LMYA account (printing etc.) require a P.O. number. These can be obtained by calling the greater LMYA Treasurer at 299-1961 (Judy McNeil). Please have the following ready when you call: vendor name, quantities, $ amount, and what it is for.
  4. All items sent for expense reimbursement must have a completed LMYA expense reimbursement form (including P.O. #, if required) and the receipt prior to being approved or they will be returned unpaid. Forms are available through the sports Treasurer or greater board Treasurer.
  5. All registration fees shall be handled by the greater board Treasurer and registrar. The registrar may delegate this to the individual sports Treasurer in the event of small or late registrations.

Reimbursement for Expenses

Volunteers often incur expenses in the performance of their LMYA duties that are due reimbursement. Since this is often the only timely way a purchase can be made, LMYA appreciates the courtesy and tries to issue repayment as quickly as possible. However, it is important that requests for reimbursement be submitted quickly, as well. Unfortunately, this has not always happened and the following policy, was approved by the LMYA General Board, on 28 September 1999:

"Absent extraordinary circumstances, expenses must be submitted within 60 days from the final event of the sport for which the expense was incurred in order for that expense to be reimbursed as a matter of course. Any expenses not submitted within the 60-day time frame should be brought before the Board before reimbursement will be approved."

LMYA was established in 1954 and currently operates under by-laws adopted on 15 May 1973. Since then, the LMYA By-laws have been amended several times and a number of operating policies have been written. These include conduct by coaches and spectators; fee discounts for families with 3 or more children participating; guidelines for setting teams; and budget policy. Anyone interested in reading these documents is invited to call Judy McNeil, 299-1961.