Become a Team Sponsor

Sponsors will no longer be linked to a specific team, but rather a general LMYA sponsor. Sponsors names will not be on the jerseys. Sponsors will receive a plaque at the end of the season.

Participation fees alone do not provide enough money to run the LMYA programs. The traditional bridge between participation fee revenue and the cost of a sport is the Sponsorship dollar. Although we do have a local business sponsorship program however most of our sponsors are parents, just like you. They have decided to sponsor a team as a family or in some cases in the name of their business. Other parent sponsors work for companies that are willing to support the community involvement of their employees. Regardless, the cost of a sponsorship is only $150.00 per team. Recognition includes a souvenir picture plaque, a yearly listing in the Contra Costa Sun and your name on the website.

LMYA has many families that sponsor every year. We appreciate their support and count on their financial contribution. If you would like to become an LMYA sponsor, just visit the Sponsorship section when you register or call 299-1961 for more information.

LMYA Sponsors

Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame
Jim Claytor
Debbie Warren
Kim Stern
Matt Bertics
Larry Beliveau
William Kline
Kevin Jackson
Eileen Hoffinger
Bob Fritzky
Melissa Johnston
Erin Dissman
Tamara Raeth
John Dillon
Bryan Krey
Deborah Italiano
Dan Dahlhouser
Jane Carone
Shelly Collins
Angus MacLeod
Kelly Cobeen
Laura Lyman
Simone King
Joni Avery
Kristina Martin
Shelley Timkin
Megan Lindberg
Barbara Lefcourt
Mark VandenBerghe
George Marsarweh
Michael Zischke
Dana Fillinger
Leslie Westphal
John Heckle
William Jenkins
Liz Taylor