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Coaches Clinics: 

 Coaches Clinics this year will be a little different. There will be 6 sessions all of them at the Lower Field at Lafayette Community Park on Thursdays beginning 7/26 from 6-7pm. Coaches will be required to attend at least 3 of the 6 sessions. The idea is for the sessions to be on field training, to be fun and valuable so that your time spent is going to directly translate into on field success

  Transatlantic Coaching Help
The Transatlantic coaches are back again this year to help you with your practices. Please sign up for sessions here.

Coach Login instructions-to login to your LMYA account and contact players and pull up reports

Coach Training Support

Player safety and well-being is our top priority. Below are informational documents as well as the CDC website with additional information. All parents/players are required to read and sign the parent/athlete waiver when registering.

Coach Soccer Resources


PCA-Positive Coaching Alliance Resources

Lafayette/Moraga Coach Meeting
August 18th Lafayette Community Center-Times were adjusted-see below
Kindergarten- Meeting 11am-12pm
1st-3rd grade  Meeting 12pm-1pm
4th-8th grade 1pm-2pm Meeting

Practices Start the week of 8/19


Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Conduct for Coaches


As a Coach I Agree To:

·     Uphold and Promote the LMYA mission to provide a safe, enjoyable environment in which ALL children can develop sports skills and experience in a positive manner and enjoy the emotional and social benefits of team play.

·     Guarantee and enforce EQUAL playing time for ALL players.

·     Be a positive role model whenever I am around players and parents and set a good example. I will not yell at, ridicule, or criticize my child or any other player but instead will applaud good plays by my team and by those of the opposing team.

·     Ensure that my players’ soccer experience is a positive one. Winning is only one part of that experience.

·     Treat opposing coaches, players, spectators and referees with the utmost respect.

·     Instruct players in sportsmanship and demand they display good sportsmanship at all times.

·     Coach in a positive manner and NEVER use derogatory comments or physical or verbal abuse.

·     Be responsible for the conduct of my sideline. I will enlist the support of my team’s parents to instill the proper attitudes and values in the players.

·     Always have 2 adults present at all times whether at practice, games or team events.

·     Assist the referee in fair enforcement of the rules and the promotion of safe gameplay and support the referee even when I disagree with the call. I will not challenge the referee during the game and will demand the same of my players and sideline.

I Understand That:

·     Any complaints that I have violated this code shall be thoroughly investigated and penalties may occur at the discretion of the Soccer Commissioner, whose decision will be final.

·     I may be suspended from LMYA activities for violation of this code.

·     If suspended from LMYA activities for violation of this code, I will receive a letter from the LMYA Board. After a reasonable period of time, not less than one week, I may apply to the Board to be reinstated as a coach.

·     If ejected from a game because of unsportsmanlike conduct coaches will be suspended for the next two events and may be subject to additional penalties.

·     Any coach who physically abuses another person will be suspended for the remainder of the season and may be disqualified from any subsequent LMYA participation.

Soccer Headgear

Soccer Headgear and ASTM Product Performance

For several years, there has been considerable public discussion about head injuries and head protection in soccer.

ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) has adopted a product performance standard for soccer headgear. You can review the standard at

No headgear or other protective equipment can prevent all injuries, so headgear is not being suggested by anyone as a way to make soccer totally safe. However, the NFHS encourages players, parents, coaches and other interested persons to assess the fact that headguards satisfying ASTM standard F2439-06 for soccer headgear are available. Further, they should take the opportunity to decide for themselves if headgear is something they would see as beneficial.

Note the ASTM standard does not address head to ball impacts, rather head to hard surface impacts such as head to head, head to ground and head to post, which are believed to be the primary mechanism in most soccer concussions.

Attached is a list of some soccer headguards that, according to the manufacturers, meet or exceed the ASTM soccer headgear standard. Please be aware that the NFHS is not recommending or endorsing any particular brand of headgear, or headgear in general. We are forwarding this information to inform members of the high school community about a matter they may find of interest.

The NFHS has been informed that the following products satisfy the test and performance requirements of the ASTM standard for headgear used in soccer.

Inclusion of a product on this list does not signify endorsement or recommendation by the NFHS. As we are made aware of other products that satisfy the standard, we will add them to the list.

The products on this list are allowable under NFHS rules as long as the product is in its original configuration and has not been modified.

Thanks to the Coaches

After the children, the most important people in LMYA are the coaches. These individuals donate lots of hours and energy each and every week of the season. Many do it year after year. LMYA is proud of it coaches and wishes to thank them on behalf of all of the parents and players that make up the organization.

Coaches Responsibilities

Attend the Coaches Meeting or send a substitute. Respect and care for the Leagues equipment and the fields we are allowed to use. Inform the Equipment Coordinator if equipment is lost or stolen.

Contact each child on his/her roster on the dates prescribed. Hold a team meeting to open communications with the parent s and have them sign the Spectators Code of Conduct. Supply a team roster and request assistance with coaching and recruit a team parent.

Have at least one extra parent at practice in case of injury. Have each players registration form with you at all games and practices. They contain valuable medical information and consent. Remain after practice until all players have been claimed. Advise parents of canceled practices and/or games.

Learn, teach and abide by both the basic rules of the game and the LMYA modifications. Play every child at least 1/2 of every game.

Enforce the practice of sportsmanship by all team members and their parents. Encourage and support other teams players as they would want other coaches to encourage their players.

How To Discipline Behavior Problems

Serious misbehavior will not be tolerated. The safety of other players, and the smooth flow of practices and games are primary considerations. A coach should discipline minor infractions in a consistent manner. A serious problem will result in a parent conference which could lead to loss of game-playing time. If a player is having trouble maintaining proper behavior at practice, the coach has the right to require that a parent stay for the entire practice. The Board should be contacted, by the coach, if behavioral problems persist.

Dissatisfied With A Coach?

Talk to him/her. Explain your concerns. Chances are other parents have the same concerns. Offer to help coach the team. The more active you become, the more your child's coach will accept your suggestions. Should you be unable to resolve a problem, send the Board a written explanation of your dissatisfaction or email us the complaint.

LMYA Soccer Grievance Committee
PO Box 395
Lafayette, 94549