Rainy Day Info

If it is raining please call our "Rainy Day Hotline" at: (925) 943-0115

Practice and Game Days

Practices and game days allow our children the opportunity to exercise, have fun, learn teamwork, and participate in the game of soccer. Practices are usually held once or twice a week (depending on your child's age group) at a place and time determined by your coach, the league and field availability. All regular season games and practices are on Lafayette and Moraga school fields, at the Lafayette Community Park. It is important for the players to be on time, bring the proper equipment, and know who is going to pick them up after practice. No player will participate in practices or games without soccer shoes and shin guards.

Game Day is usually Saturday, with the possibility of Sundays and weekday rescheduled rain out games along the way. Older age groups may have the opportunity to play in tournaments toward the end of the season. On game day, being on time requires players to be in uniform and on the field at least 15-30 minutes before game time. This allows for warm-ups, team talks, player equipment check by the referees and the coin toss. Game day is the time for parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends to show their appreciation for the players efforts.

Conflicting Schedules

Q. What if I don't get off work in time to get my child to practice?

At the team meeting, you should make arrangements for carpooling. One parent could take your child with them to practice and you could bring them home.

Leaving Children Unattended

Q. Should any child be left at a practice or game field unattended?

NO!! Children should not and must not be left at the field unattended. Parents should not drop off their child at a field unless the coach, the assistant coach or other responsible adult is present. The practice or game could have been changed to a different time or field, or it could have been canceled. It is the parents' responsibility to pick up or arrange for their child to return safely from a practice or game. Always be on time.

Bad Weather

Q. Do we practice and play games in rain or bad weather?

Games are usually canceled or postponed if the field is in unplayable condition. You should show up for games and practices unless otherwise informed by your coach. Once games are underway, the referee is responsible for stopping or canceling games. Safety for the players is our main concern. If the field is too wet or slippery, the practice or game will be canceled. Call 943-0115 for game day status.

Practice Attendance

Q. What if my child does not attend practice?

If your child regularly misses all weekly practices; you will be contacted by your coach about resolving the problem. If the situation persists it will be referred to the Sports Chair.


A youth soccer uniform consists of soccer shoes, shin guards, soccer socks, soccer jersey, and shorts. LMYA provides the jersey and socks. You will need to purchase the rest of the items needed. The following information will help you with your purchases, along with the recommended equipment needs for each player.

Soccer shoes MUST BE WORN AT ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. They should be sturdy with vinyl or leather tops (not nylon) to protect the feet. Rubber or plastic molded cleats provide for enough traction to change direction and make sudden starts and stops. Baseball cleats (shoes with the toe cleat) are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Shin guards also MUST BE WORN AT ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. Soft cloth shin guards with stirrups and those that are a part of the soccer sock are recommended. Both should have side strips that protect the ankle. Soccer socks should be knee length, heavy duty, and worn over the shin guard for lower leg protection.

All players should have a soccer ball, not only to bring to team practice, but for developing their own skills at home. K, 1st, and 2nd grade players use a No. 3 ball; 3rd and 4th grade and under 12 players use a No. 4 ball; and under 14, under 16 and under 19 players use a No. 5 ball. Each player is encouraged to bring their soccer ball to practice, as the league only supplies a few practice balls for each team. The league does not supply goalie gloves to teams, but they are nice to have if each particular team wishes to purchase them on their own. The league does provide goalie shirts for each team.

Also nice to have for practices and games is a water bottle. Other items that may be helpful: gym bag to transport equipment, sweatshirt for cold weather, and a towel to wipe off dirt and mud after practices and games. Large trash bags stored in the car are also helpful for carrying muddy shoes and clothing. All equipment and clothing should have the player?s name printed on them with a permanent marker.

Team Selection

Q. Every year there seems to be teams that win all of their games and teams that don't win any. It is usually the parents of the latter group that ask, how are LMYA teams selected?

Admittedly, it is one of the most difficult challenges we face each season and the methods we select are not rocket science. However, the goals we try to achieve are the following:
  1. Promote the selection of players in a fashion that will result in a well-balanced league with all teams able to compete effectively. A positive recreational experience for all is better achieved with evenly matched competition.
  2. Promote the selection of younger players, in a non-draft situation, in a fashion which will result in convenient practice locations in order to encourage broader participation and greater attendance at practice sessions.
  3. Promote the selection of older players, in a draft situation, which encourages the participation of interested youth with all levels of ability, and does not expose lesser skilled youths to embarrassment.
The process (4th grade and above) begins with player evaluation. In soccer this is accomplished by reviewing the coaches' evaluations from the previous season. Twins and siblings in the same age group are evaluated as individuals and placed on teams as individuals, with no guarantee they will be on the same team.

If you would like to review the complete LMYA Team Selection Policy please write to:

PO Box 395
Lafayette, CA  94549