Age Groupings

Age Groupings:
  • Kindergarten *
  • First Grade 
  • Second Grade 
  • Third Grade--Lafayette & Moraga combined 
  • Fourth Grade-Lafayette & Moraga combined
  • 5th and 6th grade-Lafayette & Moraga combined
  • 7th and 8th grade-Lafayette & Moraga combined
  • High School COED
* The Kindergarten program is typically a coed program-this year we may separate girls & boys if we have the numbers. It is for children entering regular kindergarten.This is a very structured program designed for the limited attention span of 5 and 6-year-old children.  The teams meet once a week on Saturday. The first half-hour is a lesson about some aspect of soccer such as dribbling or striking the ball. The second half-hour is spent in a scrimmage.

High School Programs

LMYA is offering a program that includes both boys and girls of high school age, regardless of grade and combines them into teams by school.  The participants from the previous seasons all agreed that the program was a lot of fun.  Registration will be online.  

Transatlantic Soccer Camps

LMYA is partnered with Transatlantic Soccer. They have been selected to deliver their top quality soccer camp programs during Spring break and throughout the summer this year.
Transatlantic Soccer's program director brings  20 years coaching experience and has developed a  fresher, engaging, exciting soccer camp program for all ages and abilities.  Transatlantic soccer camps will ensure each individual player will have a fantastic time, improve their skills and develop a real love of the game.
All Transatlantic Soccer coaches are highly qualified, experienced coaches and players from Scotland.
For more information and to Register go to:
Have a great time at camp!! 


President Note

Soccer is the largest sport in the world. It is also the largest sport in LMYA. We anticipate registering 2,000 children this year and having close to 200 teams in our program. Ultimately the success of our soccer program will rest in the hands of our volunteer parents.

We have a history of strong volunteerism in our area. Our parents are dedicated to having the best schools and the best group of volunteer programs to supplement our children's greater education and socialization outside the school. That's what makes this such a great area to raise a family.

We are fortunate to have strong experienced volunteer sports chairs returning in both Moraga and Lafayette this year. They have been working behind the scenes for the past several months to get everything ready for registration. I encourage all parents to volunteer for positions in the soccer community. We appreciate everyone's effort. It will be well worth it to you and especially the children.

Thank you very much for all of your support!
Paul Sauer
Questions? contact Hillary at