Spring 2016

Spring 2017

 Girls Softball 2nd-8th grade

(NEW Age Groupings-see below) 
Season: March-June

Register January 10-20

 T-Ball, Girls Softbaseball, Boys Baseball

T-Ball -Kindergarten Co-Ed
1st Grade Softbaseball Girls
1st Grade Softbaseball Boys 
2nd/3rd Grade Baseball Boys
4th-6th Grade Baseball Boys

Season:  March-June 

Register January 10-20

Rainy Day Info

  • If it is raining please call our "Rainy Day Hotline" at: (925) 943-0115

Age Groupings

  • New this year! Softball divisions will change after 3rd grade. Players will now play in divisions based on Birthdates

    Softball Divisions & Eligibility

    2/3rd    Grade Level          - Min 10 LMYA league games

    U10     Born in 2006/2007 - Min 10 LMYA league games

    U12     Born in 2004/2005 - Min 10 LMYA league games

    U12/U14-Will play regular league games too.
    U12+   Born in 2004/2005 - Tournament team only

                Must be currently on a LMYA league team, an addl. tryout will be held.

                1 extra practice per week, 2-3 spring tournaments (min. 8-12 games)

    U14     Born in 2002/2003 - Tournament team only

                Younger players can qualify based on space availability and skill level. 

                2 practices per week, 3-4 local spring tournaments (min. 12-16 games)

     * Players near the cut off dates may be moved up or down based on overall numbers and/or skill level. 

     This will NOT affect 2nd/3rd graders, no matter when their birthdates are, all 2nd & 3rd graders will be placed together in the same division.



    TBall Kindergarten Coed
    1st Grade- TBall/Softbaseball -separate boys and girls divisions
    2nd/3rd Grade- Baseball Boys
    4th/5th Grade Baseball Boys