LMYA Volleyball News

LMYA Launches Winter Beach Volleyball for High School + 8th Grade Players!  
  • Wednesdays, Thursdays 4-5:30 & Sundays 3-4:30 at Moraga Commons Sand Courts
  • 5 Week Program: 11/14-12/20 (excludes Thanksgiving Break)
  • "Drop In" System will be used. Sign ups for each day will be maxed out at 24 players.
  • Register Now!
 Registration for Spring Girls Volleyball, 4th thru 8th graders, will open for online registration January 10-20, 2019 Click on the Volleyball Registration page for more details. 

Letter from Our Volleyball Commissioner

Volleyball is one of the most popular and competitive sports in the world.  At LMYA we strive to provide an encouraging and fun environment to learn and enjoy this sport.  It is accessible and affordable, run with the best help in Lamorinda. What separates LMYA from other organizations is that we use high school players; all from impressive high schools with great athletic programs. This keeps the program within the community and allows the younger girls to relate to their trainers and gives them great role models to look up to!

Global and local fun facts:

· On the men's side (with three gold medals), the US has the most decorated volleyball Olympian,Karch Kiraly.  Karch (the current head coach of our Woman's USA national team) and your LMYA Volleyball Commissioner once took a drive together.

·In the Olympics (2008), U.S.A. won gold in 4 out of the 5 volleyball events.  As USA Volleyball CEO, Doug Beal says, “this has never happened before-by any nation”. Doug has personal ties and connections to Lamorinda.

·Locally, we have a rich foundation to inspire volleyball development.  Campolindo High School has graduated three olympic medalists! At Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, Rob Browning coaches the women’s volleyball team, who, besides winning 2009's WCC coach of the year award, has served on the coaching staff of five USA National teams.


The result of this exceptional community is clear:  On the girls-side, Campolindo High School won the state championship twice in the past several years and  Acalanes HS won the state championship for the 2016 season. On the boys-side, the same high school recently won best of all Northern California and #4 in country...and the clubs on which many of our residence play are nationally recognized.

But it starts here at LMYA, and it does not have to end in the Olympics or a state title…it can be just for fun!

LMYA offers...

· A eight-week recreation program whose design is recognized and admired by other cities

· Trainers to help parent-coaches (including NCAA-D1 players and high school students)

· Skill-based clinics for players and coaches

· Coach-led weekly practice and 8-9 Saturday matches including a tournament (and depending on  demand, All Stars vs local clubs and schools)

· Competition at multiple skill levels (4th - 8th grade in 4 divisions)

· A well-run Evaluation Day, teams divided fairly between skill level within the player’s grade, Coach's Kick-off, 100+ T-shirts and medals awarded as tournament prizes.


I hope you will consider this program as your child's first step into the world of volleyball.  For me, it's been a wonderful life-long ride.  My goal is to make it the same for you and your family.

-Eric Standring

LMYA Volleyball Commissioner

December 2017